Thursday, 24 February 2011

Waxing and Waning

As the seasons change, we too are leaving a chapter in our lives, to grow, explore and hopefully get more creative.

Ben is making the most beautiful Oak Shelves as a commission. As usual he surpasses himself with diligent and elegant craftsmanship, every new piece he makes has to be better than the last.....integrity always a value.

The photos never quite do the makings justice, the feel of the warmth and finish is lost, but here is one of him working on them...I'm sure he will include better pics later when sanding and waxing has bought the beautiful design to life.

Whilst Ben waxes, I wane, not for long I hope! The sun's renewal is a grateful force, that will put a bit of hope into us all. I'm waiting for some mica flakes to turn up, something new to play with, and to put a bit of spark into some work!

Happy Springtime To All x

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  1. Integrity is really a great thing in every person's life. Nice to read about him that 'every new piece he makes has to be better than the last .....integrity always a value' i want to say thanks for sharing this inspirational post.