Monday, 15 November 2010

Moan moan moan!

I've been such a lazy blogger of late..but have felt like doing a lot of moaning and thought I'd best not ..but, hey ho, thats life!! I've nearly finished the on going long standing sage green wagon now..phew.just a little more to go it's colours are subtle so don't show up to well in photos. (first moan!) I bought a horsebox to live in Iveco and after the initial 'oh my giddy aunt what have I done' I'm getting used to the idea of having to mend numerous leaks re-registering the thing, finding all sorts of fiddlearse annoyances that must be fixed ...long winded exasperating headaches of whatdoyoudoforthebestspaceuse etc when I really love to live in a cosy little woody shack and I've got an ugly metal box! (2nd moan, that consists of a few!) On the bright side, there is Ben, who stresses not and can figure out solutions (after a period of time) I've huffed and flompt about before the period of time. We've stripped horsey compartments and metal, have a tub full of huge nails, screws, rusty bolts and now are planning to weatherproof the 'thing'. I'm sure I'll eventually warm to it when the woodburners in and toasted marshallows are on the go...that however will be a while...and a very cold while!!
Craft Fairs...well...less said the better for me..great for a local social event (easier making a living being hired stalker)...but I'm rather bored with them, I have to say..even the cakes were rubbish at the last one.. I wasn't going to put that, just in case, but, honestly they were naff. I may have to stick to pretty pictures in the future, as I have nothing of value, use or of real interest, except to anyone else who fancies a grumble. May start a cynics page. So here's a pic of 'the thing'....mmm....the green wagon and a custard on I did ages ago...just because I like it. Happy Grumbling!


  1. Hey, I'm sure you and Ben will make it lovely in time

  2. I love the wagon! Is it a circus wagon or a gypsy wagon? I have been thinking of building a trailer of this aesthetic for taking to events and fairs, my only sources of information being pictures as there are none of these in this part of the world. I'm glad to see the woodwork, and the great food cooking. Myself I am a potter and artist, trying to bring back a taste of days gone by.

  3. lets try again . . . love the green wagon! So, is that a circus wagon or a gypsy wagon? I have been dreaming of building one for fairs and events, one of many plans for the future . . . cob hut first though . . . love the woodwork, and the food looks great as well, nice combination . . . I am a potter, living the dream . . . lol . . . well, slaving hard but still wouldn't trade it for the world . . . keep the good work up