Monday, 13 December 2010

Book-matched Yew table

Here are some pics of the Yew table I started before the DOS, it's still not quite finished, it just needs a final sanding & polishing and then a bit of fine tuning to get the pegs to sit right. Hopefully once it's finished it will go to a gallery or, somewhere safe!
We have both been very busy but don't actually have much to show for it yet, my most recently turned bowls went to good homes before I got pics but, if I do find any pics I missed I will post them at a later date.
The table is made from book-matched planks, the whole thing is made from a single log which was sliced into 6 pieces, the top & sides all match but, the shelves are from opposite sides of the log.
Absolutely stunning wood with lots of character, the colour doesn't show up too well in the pics most of the dark streaks are actually a very deep red which is described as 'flame'. Hopefully once it's polished they will show up more. The 2 pinkish spots at the end of the top is a small piece of very rare Australian Jarrah which I've used to fill a dead knot. Over time this wood changes to an amazing burgandy red.
Anyway, Merry X-mas to all, we'll try and blog again before the year is out!

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